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What We Do

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Radios 4 Racing is a communications company specializing in high quality equipment using the finest components and materials.  We are a dealer for RACING ELECTRONICS and for the most part offer equipment manufactured and assembled in Concord, North Carolina USA.


We tout ourselves as "The Short Track Radio Company".  This means that we pay close attention to the needs of the short track racer, offering the highest quality equipment at prices Saturday Night Racers can afford without giving up the reliability that is a must for today's racers.

Photograph Credits: Rob Street Racing Photography

Who We Are
Bruce Silver

I've always been a techie guy...

As far back as I can remember, I used to like to tinker with things.  My zest for electronics and techie stuff brought me to a career that spanned nearly 3 decades.  

Starting as a hobby, I founded RACING ELECTRONICS, a home grown company that I started in 1988 in Mays Landing NJ.  Starting the company to "raise a little extra holiday money for gifts for my newly born son" led me to own and operate the largest racing communications company, known worldwide for our innovative products and superior customer service.


After selling my company in late 2015 and working actively for a year after the sale, my retirement dream came true.  Retiring in Las Vegas and starting the next phase of life.

After moving to Las Vegas in 2017, I began racing full time at the LVMS Bull Ring.  The idea for Radios 4 Racing developed from my friends/competitors needing quality equipment and my ongoing relationship with Racing Electronics.

CEO & Racer

Meet the Team
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