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Racing Headset

Up Your Short Track Game with 2-Way Radio Headsets and Gear

How often have you been stuck in the pits behind the grandstand and wished there was a way to know what was happening inside the car? A 2-way radio headset from Radios 4 Racing could help your team respond to on track incidents with speed and precision. We stock the same brands and equipment used by the big boys and offer them to our short track buddies at a significant discount. Protect your hearing, save your voice, and take home a trophy when you run with the right gear.

Quality Racing Headset where You Can Hear Your Spotter and Driver

Is your modified or stock car starting to run at some of the larger tracks in the region? You are going to need a spotter on the top of the stands to help your driver mess a wreck. A racing headset by Motorola or Racing Electronics provides superior noise reduction and includes a 2-way microphone that operates on your assigned frequency. Keep your budget under control and buy just a pair, or equip the whole team when you are running in the big time.

Push-to-Talk, Wiring Harnesses, and Replacement Flexible Mic Boom

The racing season takes a toll on all your racing equipment, including your 2-way radio headsets. We also stock all the replacement parts you might need to stay in touch at the track. Choose from push-to-talk buttons, a new wiring harness for the car, or even a flexible mic boom so your mic is always positioned where your crew can hear you.

We were the big name in racing communications for years until we retired. Now Radios 4 Racing is helping out our short track heroes with an affordable option that works just like the radio systems run by the top racing teams across the world.

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