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Racing Helmet Kits

Let Your Driver be Heard with Racing Helmet Kits

Does your team use radios to stay in touch around the garage, but you're still running without communication inside your stock or modified race car? Upgrade with racing helmet kits from Radios 4 Racing. These kits can be applied to your existing certified racing helmet and provide you an easier way to discuss set up, strategy, and car performance while you are still behind the wheel. We source our materials from the best electronics suppliers in the business, so you can always shop with total confidence.

Grab the Checkers with the Right Race Car Wiring Harness

Once your helmet is wired up, now is time to use the right wiring harness that is designed to work inside the car and with your suit. Our wiring harnesses can be easily secured to the dash, seat, and structural supports without affecting the safety of the vehicle. You will pass all inspection points while taking your race team to the next level. You can find cables, connectors, ear pieces, and mics, too!

Racing Electronics Accessories Secure Your Radio for a Safer Drive

Those compact scanners are nice when you only need to listen to the radio chatter, but when you are talking to your crew, your radio is now large enough to become a problem in the cockpit. Pick up a Racing Electronics radio box with all the connectors needed to secure it to the roll bar. You will always have a safe spot for your radio while taking race strategy to the next level.

Check out the whole online store at Radios 4 Racing! We specialize in supporting short track racers and teams. Find a package with all the parts you need to get started. Select from Motorola, Racing Electronics, and other popular brands that you know always deliver on performance at a price that fits into your budget.

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